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Shelf stacker - cashiers - inventory assistant - customer flow management

Selected staff for smooth in store procedures. 

You’re looking for short- or long-term staff assisting you regarding your individual needs?
We are here to help!

Blaumond employees will assist you in one of the main areas in retail – the placement, presentation and storage of products.
Our selected staff will restack your shelves quickly and efficiently, always assuring the best  possible placement and display of the products. Blaumond Staffing Agency also provides cashiers and inventory assistants – all over Germany.

Our agency is facing recent challenges reliably and precisely by your side. Blaumond employees will assist you ensuring a smooth customer flow, meeting all Covid-19 related standards such as disinfecting shopping carts and checking completion of requirements such as wearing appropriate face masks.

Get in touch with us. We are pleased to provide you with an individual offer.

We offer the following services:

  • execution of merchandise management
  • conduction of first and secondary placements
  • shelf-stacking according to FIFO
  • expiration date check
  • product labeling and securing
  • set up and tear down of seasonal goods and its display
  • shelf optimization, display assemblies and dismantling
  • preparation and processing of return consignment
  • merchandise planning
  • order picking

Your advantages

Personnel for the customer flow regulation, monitoring and control of the measures in the course of the containment of Covid-19, daily stock removal and goods presentation adapted to your requirements.

  • first-class, experienced appearance and precise working method
  • we can meet short-term and flexible inquiries at any time
  • exceptional range of services and equitable rates
  • many years of promotion and sales experience
  • 24/7 availability


Romy Hering
Project Manager
Phone: +49 351 8966566-86
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Warenverräumer, Inventurhelfer und Regalauffüller deutschlandweit.