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Hospitality staff

Courteous staff for a successful performance

Focus on your guests, we will take care of everything else. Our professional service teams ensure a coordinated and smooth performance.  We provide well trained and experienced staff for all service areas. Blaumond Staffing Agency supports you with front of house waiting staff, coffee baristas, or back of house support staff such as kitchen porters and washer uppers, we have every manner of support staff to meet your exact requirements.

Front and back of house staff
You are searching for the perfect hospitality staff to serve at  your restaurant, bar, canteen or coffee shop? We support you in all aspects of service – taking on management tasks as well as operational activities.

You are planning a gala dinner, a wedding or a concert? Lean back and enjoy your event. Our staff takes care of all service aspects. We ensure that all of our waiting and support staff are properly trained to deliver you quality service, whatever your needs. You can rely on Blaumond to supply you with waiting and support staff to assist you at events, during corporate hospitality, when hosting fine dining, as well as private household functions. From waiting staff to the kitchen porter, Blaumond has you covered.

Hotel industry
Blaumond Staffing Agency has been working together with well-known hotels. Our clients value our well trained and courteous staff. We provide client oriented solutions aligned to individual needs. Focussing on providing exceptional service to the client, our employees prioritizes the well-being of all guests.  Our staff is taking care of all tasks within different shift models to make your guests’ stay unforgettable. In addition, we also contribute staff for housekeeping.

Solutions for hospitals and retirement homes
Whether in hospitals or retirement homes – we are at your disposal for canteen and ward services. Our empathetic employees take care of the entire meal preparation as well as serving the residents and assisting during their meals.

Your advantages

  • individual support and planning according to your needs to suit your event
  • professional, experienced performance
  • corresponding service clothing for the entire team if required
  • exceptional range of services and equitable rates


Mandy Vysocký
Senior Project Manager
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