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Borrowed Employee Agreement

Loaned Employee | Borrowed Employee Agreement

Benefit from our secure staff booking service – BM Service GmbH provides clear regulated loaned employee solutions. Authorized by the Employment Agency (“Regionaldirektion Nord, Projensdorfer Straße 82 in 24106 Kiel”) BM Service GmbH guarantees a ligimitate employment for all loaned employees. The offered service includes the insurance of the staff, processing tax payments as well as wage payment for each employee. The set remuneration includes all necessary fees such as the tax on wages, social insurance and contributions to the employers’ liability insurance association. As a matter of course we assure you authority to issue directives towards the loaned employees throughout the time of their deployment.

Utilizing Borrowed Employee Agreement for a secure staff booking procedure.

  • BM Service GmbH acts as legally committed employer for the booked staff
  • we will take care of all dues that are to be paid such as the insurance of the staff
  • you are fully authorized to issue instructions towards the borrowed employees

Find attached our Certificate of permission regarding the borrowed employee agreement as PDF-document (48kB).

We are happy to assist you and provide detailed information regarding individual inquiries.


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